Several Ways To Know If Your Small Business SEO Campaign Is Working

Several Ways To Know If Your Small Business SEO Campaign Is WorkingOne’s small business SEO campaigns are a major investment in time, money, and resources. Some people believe that things will happen overnight when in fact it may take some time to see results and a longer period of time to see the kind of results that turn into a good ROI. Well, there’s more than one way to find out if your SEO campaigns are going in the right direction and you’ll be surprised what the indicators are.

First Things First

The first thing a small business wants to see regarding SEO results is their placement on the search engine pages based on the keywords, keyphrases, and keygroups that the business has sought after. This is where the first mistake comes in as well. Battling for the top spot in generic keywords is futile.
The big companies have already researched and bought up all the top ad spots. Your chances of defeating them is practically impossible.
SEO campaign success isn’t always about placing high in the search engines. For some things it works but there’s a bigger battle plan in action. It’s how you create content on your site that also focuses on you, your location, and your brand name products. If you have a specific brand then people will be looking for that brand.
If your brand is about your cookie business, then hoping for the top spot in the keywords “best cookies in the world” is not going to help. What you need to focus on is what is it about your product that is also attractive to the public using basic keywords like ‘tasty’, ‘yummy’, ‘chocolate chip’ and other descriptions, however, you won’t score high for those keywords as they are.
They need subjects to be attached to. Your location for one is what is called Local SEO. This allows people in your area to know you’re the go-to business for your specific products and services. Believe it or not this helps when people search in Google who are from your area or have shown interest in it.
When your statistics show that the traffic coming to your site comes from specific keywords that are associated to your location, then you’ll show up high in the SERPs.

Second Thing

Traffic stats are most important here. Not only do you want traffic, but you want the kind of traffic that does two things. It must bring organic traffic and that traffic must contribute to more to your SEO. This is where the rubber meets the road. Examining your organic traffic stats you’ll see which words in all the copy and tags are bringing in the traffic, from which sources and in which ratios.
The fun also begins here. In your stats you might see that Google sends 1,000 hits a day based on your prime keywords, yet Google also sends in 5,000 hits a day for your prime keywords and your location data like your city or street.
You then may notice that Google sends in 500 hits a day related to words totally having nothing to do with your service, brand name or products, but to something you put in your blog about your cookie business selling out at the annual Veteran’s Day parade.
Somehow surfers were looking for info about your town’s Veteran’s Day parade and wound up on your site. They then noticed that you sell cookies. They now want to order cookies because you’re part of the full picture.
Now you’ll be ranking higher for those keywords as well as you’ll be able to really push the envelope by asking these people to write reviews or share on social media. These social posts are of extreme importance to your overall SEO success and you can sometimes become a viral source of info about your industry thus boosting your authority.

Final Word

Your small business SEO campaign success thus depends on other factors than just straight up generic keywords. It’s about the content you create and manage that reaches the public in a wide array of ways. This is quite a task and is why you should hire an expert like Local SEO Tampa Company. They know all the ins and outs of SEO and will see to it that your SEO campaigns are successful.