The Importance Of Fresh Content For SEO

The Importance Of Fresh Content For SEOIt’s important to think of your website as a living, breathing part of the online world. This is why things like SEO and creating fresh content are so important to both your visitors and the search engines alike. When you don’t make these updates the search engines will think your website is “dead.” These are only a few of the reasons why it’s so important to engage in content marketing today.

Fresh Content is Indexed More Frequently

While fresh content will cause search engines to visit your website more frequently this doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be indexed higher. However, this will give you the opportunity to rank higher depending on your SEO.

Search engines use web crawlers (a.k.a. robots, bots, Google bot) to look for websites online. These high-tech programs will then “index” your site depending on various algorithmic factors that the search engine deems important. For instance, your website may be indexed based on the number of incoming links it has, what keywords are being used, and how frequently you add fresh content.

Each time you engage in content marketing the search engine will take notice and rearrange your ranking in the SERPs. This is why it’s so important to engage in this activity when you want a higher ranking for your website. However, you can’t simply throw some content out there. You need to make sure that you’re creating high-quality, SEO-enhanced content. When you simply post a lot of low-quality content that’s stuffed full of keywords the search engines will actually penalize you so you’ll move down in the SERPs instead.

Increased Content Marketing Leads to Better SEO

Content marketing will also provide you with more opportunities to include keywords on your website. These are vital when it comes to SEO indexing and ranking. Fresh content in the form of blogs and articles that contain keywords that pertain to your website won’t only help you do better with a search engine’s algorithm but it’ll also help you attract more visitors.

If you’re running a website that offers insurance quotes you may want to update it as many 5 times a week with each new article focusing on a different aspect of insurance (e.g. automobile liability insurance, universal life insurance). Every time you add fresh content you’ll be able to incorporate new keywords to help the search engines recognize that your website is a place that people can visit for their insurance needs.

Although content marketing is important you need to remember that Google doesn’t place a lot of weight on how many keywords are used in your website. This is because they don’t want you to simply stuff your website full of keywords. Instead, they’re in search of high-quality content.

Fresh Content Increases Your Website’s Authority

As a website owner, it’s your job to become your industry’s authority in Google’s eyes. The main strategy you should use here is to engage in content marketing because Google believes that fresh content is king. By creating valuable, informative content that’s pertinent to your industry you’ll increase the amount of authority your website has.

Take a few minutes to look at the content marketing and SEO work that your competition is engaging in. By doing so you’ll quickly discover that the most authoritative sites are those that have thousands of pages that have been indexed by Google. This is because Google measures relevance based upon site saturation. So by publishing highly valuable content you’ll increase the likelihood that your website will be seen as authoritative.

Another way to do this is to publish industry news and updates frequently. Every time you update your website in this way you’re creating another page for Google to index.

By writing a lot of high-quality content on a specific topic you’ll be seen as more authoritative as people start to trust what you’re saying. As people start to trust you more they’ll be more likely to buy your products or services. One of the best places to start building this type of authority is on social media platforms. Taking the time to answer questions, posting high-quality articles, and comment on what other people are sharing will also help you build a better reputation. Consistently doing these things will result in loyal followers. You’ll want this loyalty as it helps to even the playing ground with your competition.

The Bottom Line

Engaging in content marketing by adding fresh content to your website won’t only be appreciated by your visitors but it’ll also help your SEO. With everything else, your business needs you may find it challenging to find the time to create this content. However, you can’t overlook the importance of maintaining your website. This is why you should contact the Local SEO Tampa Company in Tampa, FL to get started on this today.