Top 3 SEO Trends For 2020

Top 3 SEO Trends For 2020With a rise in competition on the internet and new websites launched daily, it is time to re-design your content marketing strategy and invest more time and money into search engine optimization (SEO). These websites need to meet the various requirements that are set by different search engines such as Google. This is where a proper SEO strategy gains significance. All people working in the fields related to SEO must know about the latest trends for 2020 so that they can update their sites accordingly and make sure that more users find your website in the search engine results. Let’s look at some hot trends for 2020.

1. Search clicks are dominated by featured snippets: The biggest search engine is Google and it has evolved in recent years in a constant quest to provide a better user experience to the users and it uses the featured snippets. These featured snippets normally appear above the first organic result in the search results and its position is referred to as Position 0. For taking advantage of the feature and get more clicks through to your site you must have clear answers to the commonly asked queries on the landing page.

These featured snippets are constantly evaluated and they reach the top position based on their quality. Google has its own way of deciding the quality. Do not make the mistake of taking these snippets lightly as more than half the clicks from Google originate from these featured snippets. They give a great opportunity for the content creators as it can generate more than 50% of organic traffic although you are not the numero uno in the search rankings.

2. Influencer Marketing: Many people surfing the internet are inundated by the ads which can be intrusive. They are on the lookout for information that can be trusted and they are also looking for authentic reviews. This situation has led to the development of influencer marketing. People are more likely to communicate with a well-known and respected person than an ad. Most digital marketers and companies are raising their investments in influencer marketing as it has led to great results. How this affects your SEO? Well, hiring or partnering with influencers will help you in amplifying your content reach and generate more traffic to your site.

They can also help in building valuable backlinks and they are one of the most significant factors used by Google for evaluation of a web page. While developing this kind of strategy you will have to consider the kind of content that is needed and how it will link back to your site. Ensure that you partner with influencers that are germane to your niche and the target audience. In case these people are the authorities in this niche and have a robust digital existence, their backlinks can turn out to be vital. By investing in influencer marketing you can improve your brand awareness and generate leads and you may boost search engine rankings as well.

3. Mobile Usage: Any site that does not have a mobile version will lose almost all of its users in the coming years as this is an increasing SEO drift that will grow even more prevalent in 2020. People around the world are quickly shifting to smartphones and more mobile towers can be seen for better connectivity. But the technology used for the purpose is advanced and just having a mobile presence does not solve the issue. The interface with the user must be simple, it must grab people’s attention and should be able to keep them entertained. Your website’s pages have to be optimized for mobile phones when you are trying to keep up with the competitors and remember that higher you are in the Google mobile page index more in the focus your pages will be. You may take help from your Local SEO Company for this.