Why Localized SEO Pages Are Important For Your Business

Why Location Pages are Important for Local Business WebsitesOne very important part of your local SEO strategy is local pages. These help both the search engines and your customers find your business. However, with the growing number of local searches seen by Google, you need a well-written location page today. It doesn’t matter what type of local business you run; you need to know about these pages

Why Location Pages are Important for Local Business Websites

Local pages provide your customers with the most important information about your business. Google has seen a 900% increase in mobile searches using “near me” since 2018. This is because consumers want to find businesses near where they’re located. Since these pages provide this specific information, consumers can decide whether they’d like to visit your business.

You should also know that these pages work together with your Google Business Profile to improve your business’s local visibility in Google local pack and maps. What this means is when you link your location page to your Google Business Profile (GBP), Google can validate that your business is legitimate. They can also validate its location and the products or services it offers.

When Google has this information from your local pages, it helps improve your local SEO. However, you must be as specific as possible so you attract the most relevant searchers. Of course, this is only one of the many important factors that influence whether your business appears in the local pack and maps, but it all starts here.

What to Include on Your Location Page

It’s important that your local pages are highly focused on local SEO. This means targeting a specific geographical area that your business serves. Keep this in mind as you create the content for this page. Some of the other items you’ll want to pay attention to include your:

  • NAP, Map, and local business schema: Make sure that your business’s name, address, and phone number are on this page. You also want to make sure that this information is the same regardless of where it’s listed. It’s important to include your opening hours and embed a Google map on this page too. Embedding your GBP on this page is even better since your customer can click and go directly to this profile. Regardless of whether you do this, apply Local Business Schema. This will require some intimate knowledge of SEO to make this work which is why you should have an expert tackle it for you.
  • Featured products and services: Many pages don’t have enough information regarding the business’s products and services. This information is important because consumers who are looking for a business want to know more than your location. When you summarize the products and services you offer, they can decide whether they want to visit or contact you.
  • Service areas: Make sure you include nearby cities here. This is the start of the creation of your business’s service area pages. These differ from your location and service page, even though your service area page will link to your location page.
  • CTA (call-to-action) and contact form: It’s important to have this page for your visitors to ask questions, request quotes, or get consultations. Make sure you base your CTA on the type of business you own.

You want to make sure that you optimize each local page for local SEO. These pages should include internal links to your primary products or services. This allows you to take your customers on a journey through your website. It’s also important that you focus on how you create your content. Make sure that it contains page titles and title tags, as they’re an important part of your local SEO. They help Google understand what you’re selling in relation to where you’re located.

Get Help with Creating Your Local Pages

Now that you see your local pages play such a critical role in your local SEO, it’s time to get to work on these things. However, your work doesn’t end there. You also need to work on your organic search traffic. Once you properly optimize everything, you’ll start rising to the top of the SERPs. If you need some help with all of this, make sure you reach out to the Local SEO Tampa Company in Tampa, FL.