Google Confirms Local Search Algorithm Update

Google Confirms UpdateGoogle has confirmed that they have made some updates to the local search algorithms that were rolled out in November 2021. This Google update is being termed as November 2021 local search update. The update was rolled out for local search results near the November end and it concluded on 8th December. The Google update involved a further rebalancing of different ranking factors that the company considers while displaying the local search results. Although the update began to take effect at the end of November, the actual changes were felt in the first week of December.

Google guidelines

The Google guidelines about the update have mentioned that you need to keep following the best practices for local SEO. You can find more information about the Google local search best practices online. Remember, the weight provided for every ranking factor noted in the help guide of Google needs to be rebalanced. Some of the ranking factors for the Google local search results are,

  • Relevance: This indicates how the local business profile can match with what people are looking for.
  • Distance: The distance of the potential search result from the term used for a location in the search query.
  • Prominence: It refers to how well-known the company is.

Weightage for the ranking factors

Google will never provide exact details about the weight it gives to every ranking factor. Therefore, the best method to react to the update is by rebalancing your efforts. For instance, if you concentrated more on optimization of relevance by placing more emphasis on the business profile with relevant info, now it might be the right time to concentrate more on establishing the prominence of the business. November 2021 was an eventful month in terms of SEO, as we saw several Google algorithm shakeups taking effect.

But it must be fairly simple to decide whether you were specifically affected by the November 2021 local search update. The local search update can only affect your Google Business Profile and its ranking in the local perspective. In case, your business profile ranking has remained unchanged, there is a good chance that you are not adversely affected by this update. For professional advice in the Tampa, FL area, get in touch with Local SEO Tampa Company.