Why Your Dental Practice Needs SEO

Why Your Dental Practice Needs SEOSearch engine optimization (SEO) is defined as directing non-paid (a.k.a. organic) traffic to your website by having keywords that are relevant to your website rank high in the search engine results pages (SERPs). You can see these rankings on popular search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. These rankings are based on what they deem relevant to their users’ interests. Since this is free traffic, it’s something that businesses should be taking advantage of. This is why many of them are hiring specialists to improve their listings for them. If you’re a dentist, you should be doing this too because dentist SEO is the first thing that most people will turn to when they’re looking for a new dentist in their area.

Your Dental Practice and Dental SEO

The most efficient way to connect with potential patients today is by connecting with them as they go online to search for a dentist. Considering how each business has a specific niche it wants to target; online marketing is a fast and easy way to contact those who are looking for these products and services. By learning more about dental SEO you’ll dramatically improve your practice’s reach and help it grow. Of course, this isn’t the only benefit you’ll reap here. Others include:

  • Dentist SEO ensures that your practice is exposed to the right people – those who are searching for you right now. Most of these people are using Google, Bing, and Yahoo so you want to make sure that these websites are recommending your site to these people. When your site has SEO it becomes readable and recognizable to these sites. Otherwise you get lost in a sea of content.
  • Dental SEO expands your practice’s reach to a bigger, broader audience. You can then deliver relevant information about your practice to them. This is especially beneficial when you offer popular procedures that other dentists near you don’t offer (e.g. IV sedation, dental sleep medicine).
  • Dentist SEO helps you have a better view of your audience. When you know what they’re searching for you can make sure you’re meeting their needs. You’ll also be able to know what products and services people need simply by reading through the reviews that they leave. This will help you better target your dentist SEO to attract these people to your website and convert them into your patients.
  • Dental SEO lets you have a sneak peek at what your competition is doing. Your marketing plan should already include ways in which you’re scoping out what your competition is currently doing. By taking the time to monitor these things on a routine basis, you’ll start to notice who’s consistently listed at the top of the SERPs. From there you can determine what is being searched for and how competitive you are compared to your competition. You’ll also be able to learn what successful tactics these other dental practices are using.


As the number of consumers who are using the internet today continues to grow, your opportunity to connect with new patients online also continues to grow. By making sure that your dentist SEO campaign is properly configured and professionally managed you have a powerful tool that will help you build your practice.

Now that you understand the importance of having good dental SEO in place, you’re more than likely looking for a way to make it happen. Unfortunately, you probably already have your business hours packed full taking care of your patients. Instead of trying to fit another task into your schedule, contact the Local SEO Company and have them start taking care of your dentist SEO for you today.