Reasons Why You’re SEO Optimized Content Will Not Appear In The Google Ranking

Reasons Why You’re SEO Optimized Content Will Not Appear In The Google RankingOne of the most common challenges a content marketer encounters is the website not ranking well in the search engines. These content marketers may be doing certain versions of content marketing right such as regular blogging, and updating the design of the website. But after numerous rounds of keyword research under their belt they fail to appear in the rankings on the first pages of Google. There are several reasons why the SEO optimized content is not ranking however, in most cases, there are just a handful of reasons that are the culprits. Let’s look at the main reasons why you’re website is not on the first page of Google SERPs.

1. Website speed is too slow: How long does it take for most websites to load on your cell phone? At an average, it takes around 5-6 seconds. And how long the users are going to hang around before they leave this page? You are looking at around 3 seconds. This means that people are not getting what they need quickly enough. Remember, Google takes into account your engagement metrics such as how long people are sticking around for your website before bouncing off as a way of deciding whether your website is valuable. You can use the online tools to check your website speed and the problem can be fixed by decreasing the file size, reducing the number of videos on a page, and decreasing the HTTP requests for the website.

2. The content is not building trust: Firstly, when you are not familiar with why trust is important for a business read on. Any business is going to be successful only if people trust it sufficiently to buy products and services from them. The question is what should a business do to build trust? Firstly, what people don’t like are websites that bombard you with sales pitches when you are looking for some information. For building trust, we need the prospects to feel heard and understood, and of course, helped. There is a need to address the bigger queries and concerns about your website. So, you must take a good hard look at your site content. Use videos as leverage because this ensures that your prospects can see and hear what you have to say before buying a product or service.

3. You are not targeting the right keywords for your content: You will find it difficult to rank when it is not clear to the search engines what queries you are trying to answer. The SEO optimized content should be clear enough so that it is easy for prospects to comprehend what is on offer. Do not have a website page filled with words that are industry jargon and people are not searching for it. Perform proper keyword research for the content. This applies not only for the blog but other pages of the site as well. The content must clearly convey what your website is offering to people.

4. You may not be publishing content regularly: As we have already seen, it is not sufficient to publish blog posts every week if they are not the right quality. Even the optimized content has to be published in a normal cadence to verify what the search engines pick up. Ideally, you should publish 2-3 content pieces every week. It allows you to stay in front of your prospects and in the mind of those familiar with your services. The fresh content allows your prospects to be aware that you are still working in the field and the content on the website is relevant. It also increases the chances of ranking better in Google. Google will notice that you are publishing content regularly and will adjust the timelines for more visits.

Keep in mind that at the end of the day there are several reasons why your SEO optimized content is not ranking. It may be tempting to optimize all the factors to the minute details but it is all about progress and not perfection. There may be deeper technical issues with the website or the keyword strategy might not be effective enough. You need to start looking for the gaps today. You can also get help from professionals such as Local SEO Tampa Company if your business is located in the Tampa, FL region.