Tips To Help You Create An SEO Friendly FAQ Page For Your Business

Tips To Help You Create An SEO Friendly FAQ Page For Your BusinessEven though you may believe that your website’s content is both complete and thorough you’ll want to create FAQ pages to help fill in any missing gaps. While you may understand the importance of this, you should know that they’re also beneficial in other ways as well.

Does having a section of frequently asked questions help you in the SERPs?

When you take the time to properly optimize this page for keywords and properly mark it up with structured data it’ll be valuable for your organic performance in the SERPs (search engine results pages). This is because you’ve taken the time to provide an in-depth answer to your customers’ questions. To see such results you can’t simply create a list of random questions. People don’t want to scan through a lot of text to find the answer they need especially if this answer doesn’t actually solve their problem.

Your SEO strategy when creating FAQ pages should be the same one you use when you create any other page for your website. To make the page valuable for Google this means including keywords, adding structured data, and optimizing your title tags and meta descriptions. Of course, Google isn’t your customer but when you create one of these well-designed pages it’ll help your business. This means keeping both the search engines and your customers in mind.

How FAQ Pages Help You in the SERPs

There are many benefits to optimizing your FAQ pages that extend beyond SEO. Maintaining good search engine practices simply contributes to creating a high-quality resource for your customers to use. This will result in other benefits like:

  • By answering your customers’ most common questions on your website your customer service team will have fewer customers to deal with.
  • When you include PAA (people always ask) data and your targeted keywords on your web page you’ll have more opportunities to own these snippets.
  • If you internally link these pages to other relevant content on your website you’ll increase your keyword ranking, conversion rate, and transactions.
  • Optimizing each of your website pages with keywords that are specific to it you’ll improve their organic rankings.

How do you make your Frequently Asked Questions search engine friendly?

Now that you understand the importance of including FAQ pages there are a few things you’ll want to know and do. The main thing that you need to understand is the importance of having a data-backed strategy. This means that you’ll need to adhere to the following process when creating pages that are SEO friendly:

  • Compile your visitors’ most common questions so you can provide answers that are both complete and concise (about two or three sentences per question). Although this may sound simple you can’t merely brainstorm questions you think your visitors are in search of. Instead, you need to look to see what is being searched for. Once you’ve created a list of these types of questions you’ll want to create short, thorough answers for them. This is important because you want to provide your visitors with the answers they’re seeking without making them search for these answers.
  • Make sure you format the pages with your visitors in mind but also optimize the title tag and meta descriptions. You should also markup your page with FAQ schema and use internal linking to funnel your visitors to the correct place where they can find more information regarding the specific topic they’re searching for.

Properly Formatting Your FAQ Pages

Besides providing the best answers for your visitors’ questions you’ll also want to ensure that they have a high-quality experience while they’re visiting your FAQ pages. To do this you must make sure it’s easy for people to find what they’re searching for or else they’ll quickly leave your site to find their answers elsewhere. This is also why you don’t want to post all of these questions on a single page. Furthermore, if you were to do this you wouldn’t be able to take advantage of the SEO opportunities these pages can provide you with.

The best thing you can do is create multiple pages to help answer your visitors’ questions. You’ll want to separate these pages by both categories and topics so that your main page acts as a content hub making it better organized thus easier for your visitors to navigate. You may even want to think about adding a search bar so people can find what they’re looking for with even greater ease.

Creating multiple pages is also beneficial to your SEO. This is because it’ll allow you to target keywords for each page so it’s optimized for SEO just like any other page would be.

Including FAQ Pages in Your SEO Strategy

Once you’ve optimized your page well it’ll help make your organic search strategy more successful. Of course, there are many other things you’ll need to do as well which is why you should contact Local SEO Tampa Company in Tampa, FL for all the help you need.