Top SEO Trends And Themes For 2020

Top SEO Trends And Themes For 2020With the rise in online competition and the continuous launching of new websites, it is time to rethink your content marketing strategies and you need to invest in SEO. These websites have to meet specific requirements that are set by search engines such as Google and here the SEO strategies are significant. You have to be aware of the latest SEO trends so that you can update your sites as required and make sure that more consumers find your sites in the SERPs. Let’s see the top SEO trends for 2020.

1. More search clicks dominated by snippets: In recent years Google has evolved and it delivers a better search experience for its users. The use of snippets is one such advancement. The featured snippets typically come up above the number one search result and it is denoted as “Position 0”. In order to take advantage of the snippets you must provide clear responses to the frequently asked requests on the site. The snippets are boosted and evaluated to the top of the results based on quality. Google has a way of deciding this. Never make the mistake of understanding the snippets as more than 50% of the clicks are originating from featured snippets. It is also a great opportunity for the content creators because you can generate organic traffic even when you are not ranked in the numero uno position.

2. Have secure websites: Another important factor is the safety of the users. It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with SEO however, it is significant for the site user experience. When the users do not feel safe visiting a web page they are likely to leave the pages quickly. In case they see a “Not Secure” warning appearing they will not proceed to the page. This leads to higher bounce rates and will affect the position of pages in the organic search listing. Keep in mind that it is significant to enable the HTTPS protocol for the website. It ensures that the users have a secure connection that is both authenticated and encrypted. HTTPS stops the intruders from tampering with the conversation between the users and your website. Those using the secure HTTPS may experience a slight SEO boost.

3. Website optimization for voice search: Before the innovative smartphones came into the market, people searched for things by inserting keywords in the search engine boxes of their desktops. Keywords were born due to this user behavior. With the increased use of mobile phones, voice searches have become a prevalent trend amid internet users. These searches are not performed by using cell phones but they can be done by using voice assistants such as Voice Pod, Samsung Smart TV, and Amazon Echo. If you know how to optimize your site for a voice search it can help you generate significant organic traffic. However, you need to understand the implementation of conversational searches in the SEO strategy. Voice searching is about asking questions by using voice rather than entering the search queries. It is expected that in 2020 more than 50% of the searches on the internet will be initiated using voice commands. The content you place on your website must be able to adapt to this trend.

4. Mobile usage for determining the ranking: The websites not having a cell phone version is likely to lose many users in the upcoming years as the mobile pages is a growing trend that will become popular in 2020. As more people around the world are getting smartphones, this feature will become an essential part of your strategy. However, the way people will find information by using their mobile phones is getting advanced. Therefore, it is not sufficient to just have a mobile-friendly site but the interface must be simple to read and be able to grab people’s attention. Remember, 80% of people conducting searches use their mobile phones. The pages of the site must be optimized for mobile phones if you are thinking about keeping up with the competitors.

SEO is significant these days for various businesses irrespective of the industry category. In case you are already used to these trends, it is terrific. It is time to get down to using them immediately to generate more traffic through Google. However, in case you still have queries and need help with SEO services to speak to the professionals from Local SEO Tampa Company especially for the businesses in the Tampa region.