Want More Effective Ads? Use A PPC Shield

PPC ShieldWith click fraud on the rise, it is hard for marketers and company owners to know if they should still use PPC. While this is a very effective way to get traffic to your website, you take the chance of having fraudulent clicks.

If you have thought before that PPC was the way to go, you are in luck. You still can do this with the help of a PPC shield. Stay tuned to find out how.

First, we want to talk a bit about PPCs and click fraud. Unfortunately, click fraud can occur at any time. Click fraud occurs when a person knowingly clicks on a paid ad and has an intent to do malicious things. Fraudulent clicks coming from non-genuine places are also known as invalid clicks in Google Ads and other paid ads.

Should this happen, you do not need to despair. There are tons of haters out there that would rather do damage to someone else’s site rather than work harder to get ahead on theirs. Automated clicks that are not necessary in this case will be covered.

Click fraud occurs more than entrepreneurs want to say. Two years ago, there was $35 billion damage estimated in click fraud. Sadly, brands, lines, and agencies were hit hard. When we take a closer look at it, 9 out of 10 campaigns are affected by click fraud at one point or another.

You may be wondering if fraudulent clicks can occur any time of the year. Yes, PPC frauds will strike at any time, but it also depends on your geographical location and your industry.

Think spambots will only go to your site once and forget about you. Highly doubtful. You can relate to them as being a pest flying around in your kitchen, such as a gnat. It lands on everything, but as soon as you think you have gotten rid of it, it returns, possibly with a friend or two.

Fraudulent clicks are a lot more than just being a fraud. Those who have been using the clicks may begin to see a lack of trust. A senior product manager with Google’s ad traffic team stated there would be a return on investments as growth in the future will not only impact Google but also other businesses.

It also depends on what niche your website is in. One of the biggest click frauds is in the photography business with 65%. At just 3 percent less, pest control weighs in at 62%. Then it is the locksmith at 53%, plumbing at 46%, and waste removal at 44%.

But there is a simple solution to this called fraudulent click prevention software. This software is used to block fraudulent clicks while safely monitoring the site. It is a preventive measure that everyone should take if they are going to be using PPC ads.

So how does a fraudulent click prevention software program work? The program is set up to add a piece of code to your website, which will protect your site by adding a “shield” to block VPNs, click farm traffic, any proxy traffic, and more. All while doing this, your genuine traffic can still be let in.

Did you know that approximately 14% of all clicks on PPC ads do not come from genuine sources? That number can also rise up too, as high as 65%. This is wasted money for anyone shelling out funds for PPC.

However, once you place the shield on your site, you will be able to let your true visitors into the site. And this will provide you with more traffic as well.

If you are interested in learning more about PPC and paid ads, consider hiring a professional. There is a lot to learn about this, and it can all take time. If you do not have the time to wrap your head around it right now, you can speak to someone that certainly can help in Tampa Bay, FL, such as Local SEO Tampa Company.