Why WordPress Plays An Important Role In Dental Practice SEO

Wordpress Dental PracticeIn 2003 WordPress was released and since then it hasn’t stopped growing. So it should come as no surprise that it’s now responsible for powering 34% of the internet. There are many reasons why it’s so popular.

Focusing on User Experience

This content management’s themes and plugins work together to create attractive, professional, user-friendly websites. Visitors reward these websites by staying longer which will then decrease your website’s overall bounce rate – something that’s important for SEO.

Making Metadata Easier to Manage

Search engines use SEO titles and metadata to interpret your website’s relevance. By adding keywords, your website will rank higher in the SERPs (search engine results pages). With WordPress, you can use the Yoast plugin to easily add these keywords to your blog.

Speeding up Load Time

Google uses page speed as a ranking factor in mobile search. Therefore slow sites mean you’ll rank lower. Fortunately, this content management system comes with plugins (e.g. ShortPixel Image Optimizer, WPOptimize) that’ll help speed up your site.

Integrating Your Website’s Campaign with Social Media

Social media is the best place for brand marketing today. When you’re successful here you’ll also indirectly improve your SEO. With WordPress you can customize your social media buttons, making it easier for your visitors to share your content.

Easily Integrate Other Software

Many software tools fit seamlessly with WordPress. Tools like ConvertKit, Sucuri, and G Suite not only help your site run smoothly but can also be used to increase engagement which will benefit your SEO.

Creating Attractive Permalinks

You can easily edit your website’s permalink so that it incorporates your keyword into your URL. Doing so will make your permalink look more attractive and also give you a boost in the SERPs.

Easily Optimize Images for SEO

It’s vital to incorporate images in your blog posts to break your text up into sections that are easier to read. Doing so will also help you with your search engine optimization. There are several ways that WordPress makes this possible:

  • Create alternative text for each image so you can include your keywords therein
  • Use a plugin to automatically create alt text for each image
  • Resize your images so they don’t slow your page down

Optimizing for Mobile Users

Over the past few years, we’ve seen rapid growth in mobile usage. There’s been a 222% increase within 5 years. This is why it’s so important to optimize your website for mobile usage today. With this content management system, you don’t have to do anything additional to make this happen since most themes are already optimized for these users.

Using Plugins Specifically Made for SEO

This content management system’s plugins make it easier for you to rank higher in the SERPs. There are several you’ll want to use, including:

  • Yoast makes it easy for even the least tech-savvy person to optimize their websites for search engines. There are several ways in which it does this. For instance, it’ll help you focus on your content’s keyword as you’re writing your blog post. It’ll also help you create great content for both the search engines and your visitors. Furthermore, it also provides you with a template for your title and meta description.
  • Google XML Site Maps makes it easy to create complex XML site maps. This will make your website’s structure easy for search engines to understand. The plugin also “notifies” the search engines each time you post new content. These aren’t the only reasons this plugin stands out. It also allows you to see your Google Analytics reports directly from your dashboard; provides detailed stats so you can easily study which of your web pages stand out most; shows you how many clicks your banner ads, affiliate links, and outbound links are receiving. All of this is done for you so you’ll never have to touch any code.

Benefiting From Great Themes

Another important thing that search engine spiders look for is good webpage design. With WordPress, you won’t have to optimize your site design yourself. There are lots of search engine-friendly themes to choose from. By installing WordPress on your website you’re installing SEO-friendly tools that will help you in the SERPs. For help with this, you should contact the Local SEO Tampa Company in Tampa, FL.