Interchangeable SEO and SMM Tips

Social Media Marketing and SEO TipsSEO and social media marketing are often viewed as mutually exclusive marketing practices. This is because social media links aren’t very helpful with SEO link-building and social media SERP results typically don’t convert leads into customers. However, social media marketing is beneficial in finding customers who are actively looking for something you’re offering. This doesn’t mean that SEO marketers and social media and community managers should never work together though because there’s a lot of overlap here that benefits both sides.

Use Research on one Platform to Help you with Others

Although people’s search and social intentions are quite different, you can still use this information to create effective content and calls to action on both platforms. For instance, you can crowdsource user-generated content from social media to create content for your website. All you have to do is look through your social media posts and find some common questions for which you can create written content that answers those questions. Once they’re written you’ll want to make sure that those posts show up in featured snippets on the search results pages.

Share Content Across Platforms

When you create content for your websites, consider how you can repurpose that content for your social media marketing campaigns. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t customize the content for each platform because you should spend time filming, animating, and editing-in different calls to action for any videos you create. Of course, you should also do the same thing for your written content as well. It simply means that you should take some time to think about how you engage with social media, images, infographics, and videos then do your best to make sure that your own content efforts reflect these tendencies.

Find and use Social Media Influencers

Use social media to meet other experts in your field. You can find these people in your Twitter chats, LinkedIn or Facebook groups, and any other online organizations where you can network. Once you find these people, make sure you build rapport and relationships with them, asking for their advice, and answering their questions when possible. Once you’ve managed to develop this type of a relationship you’ll want to reach out to them to get quotes, opinions about newsworthy topics, and to form partnerships. When you publish content with their quotes or pieces that mention the great work they’ve done, send them a link and ask them to share it for you. Make sure you reciprocate as well.

Increase Brand Awareness to Drive More Direct Traffic

Measuring social media reach is challenging. Although you know that people are seeing your posts and ads, you don’t know for sure that they’re translating into new customers. Finding a direct correlation between your social media marketing and your bottom line is important even when someone doesn’t directly click on your ad right away. (Sometimes your SEO will make all the difference here.)

Use Social Media to Boost Local SEO

You also need to consider how your social media marketing platform helps you create citations for your business every time someone leaves a review for you there or marks your location on their map. These platforms also allow your customers to ask you questions. This is something that you’ll definitely want to take advantage of as a small business instead of leaving all these advantages to the big companies instead.

Although people’s intentions and behaviors vary, at Local SEO Company we can examine these things and help you optimize your online presence for them. Remember that in this marketing ecosystem you need an effective, comprehensive strategy that considers all channels. This is something we look forward to helping you with.